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About the Creole Language Library

Publications in the Creole Language Library series began in 1986 under the first series editor, Pieter Muysken. From the outset CLL has published both single-authored works and edited volumes of papers on themes that are timely and which offer an important theoretical or descriptive perspective on the study of pidgin and creole languages. In the 1990s, Jacques Arends and John V. Singler assumed the roles of co-editors for the series, and John Singler continued alone in this role after the untimely death of Jacques Arends in 2005. In 2006, Umberto Ansaldo and Miriam Meyerhoff took on the jobs of co-editors of the series. The series has been supported and published by John Benjamins since its inception: about two volumes appear per year.

The CLL has close ties to the international body, the Society for Pidgin and Creole Languages, which holds meetings twice a year and which publishes The Carrier Pidgin providing updates on research and activities in the field.

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